Sex Detective Hatenashi

Sex Detective Hatenashi


Behold the pink movie directorial debut of Okura Pictures’ first ever “New Director Discovery Project” Grand Prix winner, Shoichi Yokoyama, in this mysterious, yet slightly retro comedy! Starting with “Sex Detective Hatenashi”, the diverse array of characters in this title will surely keep you begging for more!


Tamao Hatenashi is a 26-year-old actor. Due to his unhinged imagination, however, he gets an erection each time he acts, rendering him virtually unhireable. In spite of his problem, his luck takes a turn for the better when a fellow actor friend by the name of Maebari introduces him to Gonza, the CEO of a pink movie production company, and who immediately takes a shine to him. Buoyed by seeing his name printed on a movie script for the first time, Hatenashi immediately makes his way to the pink movie set. Upon arriving, he meets Yumika, the movie’s lead actress. Smitten by her kindness, he soon falls head over heels in love with her. As such, Hatenashi is horrified when he discovers that Yumika has been abducted from the set by a suspicious group of men, leaving only her panties behind. In order to track her down, Hatenashi immediately heads to Shimbashi, Tokyo in search of a legendary detective.

YEAR 2018
GENRE Comedy / Fantasy
RUN TIME 83 min
DIRECTOR Shoichi Yokoyama
STARRING Miki Sunohara, Saryu Usui, Ayumi Kimino, Yoriko Takimoto, Kohei Nagano, Han Arai